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Liquid tag for embedding Refheap pastes



refheap_tag is a liquid tag plugin for Jekyll sites that allows embedding RefHeap pastes into posts. It works great with Octopress, providing automatic syntax highlighting. The plugin is largely based on a combination of the gist_tag and code_block Octopress plugins.


To add the refheap_tag plugin to your Octopress blog, copy refheap_tag.rb into your blog's plugins directory. Then, make sure to install the required gem:

gem install rubyheap

Optionally, you can add gem 'rubyheap', '0.1.1' to the Gemfile and run:

bundle install


Using the refheap tag couldn't be easier. When writing your blog posts, just include the refheap tag where you want to add a code snippet from RefHeap, substituting the paste ID of the desired snippet.

{% refheap 842 %}

refheap_tag also supports two optional parameters, a title for the paste and if you would like to include a link to the original RefHeap paste page.

{% refheap 842 palindrome.rb true %}


Copyright © 2012 Andre Burdette

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.