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Plugin Information


A Jekyll plugin for generating image galleries from Flickr sets.


Flickr Set Tag

Generates image galleries from a Flickr set.


{% flickr_set flickr_set_id %}


{% flickr_set 72157625102245887 %}

Default Configuration (override in _config.yml):

  gallery_tag:   'p'
  gallery_class: 'gallery'
  a_href:        nil
  a_target:      '_blank'
  image_rel:     ''
  image_size:    's'
  api_key:       ''

By default, thumbnails are linked to their corresponding Flickr page.
If you override a_href with a size ('s', 'm', etc), the thumbnail will
link to that size image. This is useful in combination with the image_rel
parameter and a lightbox gallery.

You must provide an API Key in order to query Flickr. It must be configured in _config.yml.