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A Jekyll Plugin for rendering Webmentions via Webmention.io


Liquid Webmention Tag for Jekyll and Octopress

This plugin makes it possible to load webmentions from Webmention.io into your Jekyll and Octopress projects. It currently supports the following:

Webmention Count

Get a count of webmentions for a page or post using the following liquid tag:

{% webmention_count YOUR_URL %}

The output will simply be a number.

Webmention List

You can get a complete list of webmentions for a page or post using the following liquid tag:

{% webmentions YOUR_URL %}

If webmentions are found, this is the format they will come out in:

<div class="webmentions">
    <ol class="webmentions__list">
        <!-- if it has a Name/Title, this is the generated code -->
        <li class="webmentions__item">
            <article class="webmention webmention--title-only">
                <!-- if Author this block appears -->
                <div class="webmention__author vcard">
                    <!-- if Author Link the name is wrapped in a link -->
                    <a class="fn url" href="https://kylewm.com">
                        <!-- if Author Photo -->
                        <img class="webmention__author__photo photo" src="/static/img/users/kyle.jpg" alt="">
                        Kyle Mahan
                <div class="webmention__title">
                    <a href="https://kylewm.com/2014/03/renaming-my-blog-engine-groomsman-to-red-wind">renaming my blog engine Groomsman to Red Wind</a>
                <div class="webmention__meta">
                    <time class="webmention__pubdate" datetime="2014-03-13T20:33:42+00:00">13 March 2014</time>
        <!-- if it has Content, but no Name, this is the generated code -->
        <li class="webmentions__item">
            <article class="webmention webmention--content-only">
                <div class="webmention__meta">
                    <time class="webmention__pubdate" datetime="2014-11-11T15:30:18+00:00">11 November 2014</time>
                    <a class="webmention__source" href="http://aaronparecki.com/replies/2014/11/11/4/drupal">Permalink</a>
                <div class="webmention__content">
                    <!-- This is run through Markdown -->
                    <p>@noneck @indiewebcamp Well the good news is there&rsquo;s lots of PHP libraries which should be easy to use in #drupal! <a href="http://indiewebcamp.com/PHP#Libraries">http://indiewebcamp.com/PHP#Libraries</a></p>

If no webmentions are found, the plugin spits out this:

<div class="webmentions">
    <p class="webmentions__not-found">No webmentions were found</p>

To summarize the classes, here’s what you have to work with:

  • webmentions - overall container (div)
  • webmentions__list - the list of webmentions (ol)
  • webmentions__item - the webmention container (li)
  • webmention - the webmention itself (article)
    • webmention--title-only - title-only variant
    • webmention--content-only - content-only variant
    • webmention--author-starts - variant for when the author’s name starts the title or content
  • webmention__author - Author of the webmention (div)
  • webmention__author__photo - Author’s photo (img)
  • webmention__title - The webmention’s title (div)
  • webmention__content - The webmention’s content (div)
  • webmention__meta - The webmention’s meta information container (div)
  • webmention__pubdate - The publication date (time)
  • webmention__source - The webmention permalink (a)
  • webmentions__not-found - The "no results" message (p)

JavaScript (optional)

I have also included a JavaScript file that will keep your webmentions up to date even when you don’t publish frequently. It will also update your page’s webmentions in realtime.

Publishing Webmentions

Included in this repo is a Rake task for publishing webmentions (webmention.Rakefile). You can add this task to your global Rakefile or reference it.

The workflow is as follows:

  1. rake generate to generate your site and collect a list of mentioned URLs in your posts
  2. rake webmention to cycle through those URLs and post to any that offer webmention endpoints.


  • If an endpoint is not offered, the URL will be skipped and can be processed later.
  • In order to streamline the process, a webmention connection will only be processed once (and cached so it can be skipped).
  • You may want to add .webmention-cache to your .gitignore file.