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Plugin Information


Display only first paragraph of post



The truncator requires Nokogiri to parse out the HTML string.


If you're using Jekyll, add the only_first_p.rb file to your _plugins directory - this will give you the helper only_first_p as a Liquid filter. In your views, you can use this function in order to show only first paragraph of page/post

page | only_first_p

Default output

{first paragraph content}
</p><a class="readmore" href="{post-url}">Read more</a>


You can choose whether to output a 'Read more' link and the link text to use.

Update your _config.yml as required.

# Only First P Plugin
    show_read_more_link: true
    read_more_link_text: 'Read more'

The above is the default configuration and will be used if nothing is specified. Modify as needed.