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Jekyll Plugin for Git Hash Retrieval


Copy jekyll-git-hash.rb
file to your _plugins directory.

Use {{ site.data['hash']}} inside your liquid template.

When the site is being generated by Jekyll, the
plugin retrieves Git hash of the source code and
exposes it as a item in site.data. This feature
is very helpful when you want your static resources (CSS, JS, etc.)
be reloaded by end users every time you deploy a new
version of the site.

For example, in your default.html:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/layout.css?{{ site.data['hash'] }}"/>

The URL will be generated with a suffix at the end. This
suffix doesn't change the URL (layout.css will still
be accesible by the browser), but it makes the URL unique
for the browser when you deploy a new Git revision. All browsers
will reload this CSS.