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Plugin Information


A plugin for Jekyll to load your Dribbble shots as a set of images.


A Dribbble Plugin for Jekyll

Generates image galleries from player's recent shots with customizable
shots per page and which page of results to render.

IMPORTANT: You must comply with the Terms of Use of the Dribbble API when using this plugin.


{% dribble_set %}
  • Two examples below DO NOT WORK for now, but will be fixed in the future. Plugin will only read from CONFIG for now. *


{% dribble_set user:ericdfields shots_per_page:10 page:2 %}

All paramaters are optional, e.g.:

{% dribble_set shots_per_page:10 page:3 %}

Default Configuration (override in _config.yml):

  user:            'ericdfields'
  shots_per_page:  15
  page:            1
  gallery_tag:     'ol'
  gallery_class:   'dribbble_gallery'
  is_list:         true
  a_target:        '_blank'
  full_size:       false

By default, teaser images are linked to their corresponding Dribbble page
and rendered in an ordered list.

You can disable rendering by setting is_list to false in your
_config.yml. You should probably specify a different gallery_tag in this

You can also render full_size images instead of the teasers by passing

setting full_size to true

Future Enhancements

Pretty much anything worthwhile we can get out of http://dribbble.com/api

Author: Eric D. Fields • http://ericdfields.com@ericdfields

Thanks to Thomas Mango's Flickr plugin for the inspiration: